Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-12-02 00:22:21 (UTC)

I dont think this will be very..

I dont think this will be very long... I am so upset at
Cory but I dont understand why I am. I mean the fact that
he completly ignored me yesterday saying I was the one mad
at him and that I didnt want to talk to him, he didnt even
try to talk to me once. But Oh it has to be my fault. I
cant understand all of this anymore. It is to complicated
and I am sick of it all. But it is my fault like everything
else it, so whatever.
So I am going to San Diego, I dont think I am going to stay
there for that long since my boyfriend doesnt like it. He
doesnt like the thought of it and he doesnt know what he
will do when I am gone. So I am just going to be there for
a week or less, but it doesnt matter what I want anyways...
I will just come back. Something might happen, because
there is just not a lot of trust in mine and my boyfriends
relationship that he still worries about that kind of
stuff. I will get over it..but what are we going to do when
I go there for some of summer? who Know
I really dont know what else to say except that
Thanksgiving was pretty good. I talked to my 2nd family for
a while. I talked to James a lot, he is visiting in Summer
so that will be good to see him. And Jennie is getting
married probably reallyreally soon so that is pretty kewl
too. I wonder if she will visit this summer? Who knows. But
it was really good to talk to them again. They all seemto
be pretty good.
Well I think I am going to go since I have probably said
enough, I am sorry if I hurt you by my words Cory, I am
just really upset.

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