Abstract Soul
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2002-12-02 00:06:46 (UTC)

I love him so

I am in love.

I am in love with someone who doesn't see me. I stand
before him and he looks past.
Everytime I am near, he looks away. When we speak, his
words are not genuine.

I know not what captivates me so. Perhaps it is when our
eyes embrace and our stories are told that I am reminded of
why I love him so. Or when he looks at me and without
words, tells me his heart.

Perhaps that is why I love him so.

We had a of which haunts me still.

Does it matter though? No. Because we will never be.
He loves me not. I love him so.

Now when we look into each other's eyes, there is but one
story that we share....a story that spoke of a girl who
loved a boy, but couldn't love and he doesn't understand...
and probably never will.

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