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2002-12-02 00:00:10 (UTC)

mike is mine

hes mine oh mine i love him soo soo much i swear hes
soo sweet and loveable and everything about him makes me
feel warm. i feel kinda bad for "[email protected]", as
you know her, shes realy kool and shes jelouse of mike. i
almosted finished that book today its great but there soo
stuborn i just want to kick them lol. my gram came
back.. ::sigh:: and i didn't write in her yesterday i got
x-box for x-mas i have to wait till then though but she
bought it lol i wish my gram didn't come back... i have
to go to school tomrow.. ::sigh:: i have science first..
mm not bad.. then english.. ick then history.. yawn then
study. maybe i'll go to the library and e-mail mike, .. i
love him soo much.. i should go .. bye