Amanda and Shelley

Day Light Confusion
2001-08-24 07:34:24 (UTC)

About Us, Shelley and Amanda!!!

August 23, 2001

Dear Diary,
Hello!!! Well hows it going??? As for me well
everything has been going okay. I guess this would be the
time when i say a lil about my self. Well I live in San
Diego, CA and I grew up here my whole life. I am 15 yrs.
old and i will be until next yr. in June. Okay I have Two
Sis' and they are both older then me, which kinda sux, but
then again i like it. Anyways, lets get into some better
stuff, well Amanda is my cousin, and my BFF. Kinda wierd
but true. Well to tell u the truth boys to me mean
heartbrake, which is wierd to hear fr. me considering i
have a BF, its pretty hard to have a relationship when he
lives in Virgina, lucky me though he is comeing down sept.
2. i cant wait. well I am not all that interested in
writing so i guess i'll let u know more about me tomorrow
or something, so buh bye!!!!

-luv Shelley

Yo Yo Yo, (This Is Amanda)
What's up world? Well as for me, nothin' very amusing is
going on in my life right now. I pretty much don't have a
life but... Hey, It's not like I chose to be lonley! My
life is misserable. I feel like I'm missing something.
Perhaps a LOVE! Yeah THAT'S IT! (as if I didn't know this
already) I'm drowning in all of my lonleyness. If only
there were a guy out there who feels this way! I've been
searching for quite a while for my so called "soul mate"
but haven't yet elaborated on that subject yet... Why is it
so hard to find somebody to love me? Just someone who likes
me for who I am inside and out! Does this person even
exist? I hope so! I'm really getting tired of waiting! N E
wayz...A little more about me,
Well for starters, I'm 14 years old. I have dark auburn
hair (dyed), Light brown eyes, I'm about 5'3. I love to
write poetry, I love to sing, I love to love. Well I'll
write in this tomarrow cuz I'm gettin' tired! You can e-
mail me @ [email protected]
Thanx 4 visiting!