What's the point!
2001-08-24 07:10:38 (UTC)

How do I thank ............................

How can I thank someone who I have never met,
When I feel I have known them forever,
Does time make things easier when your missing so bad
When words seem so weak to describe the true feeling,
Love means so much yet so little there must be more,
Each sense of passion burrning with every letter,
Longing to be held in strong arms and forever kept,
Never wanting to leave the moment that is the best,
Begging time to stop when were together,
lost in a kiss in hevean with bliss,
The moment that two become one gives me shivers,
A feeling never been touched all to brand new,
A feeling that will never be lost and only get better,
My love is forever deep,
once forgotten and abused,
And then you opened my heart shaded by my own fear,
To be hurt with you has crossed my mind,
You made sure my doubt was forever forgotten,
How do I thank someone who i have never met,
When they already hold my heart forever.

I love you now I will love you forever you know who you
are I feel you near, for now time has kept us far but soon
our love will bring us near. I love you baby with all that
I am until my final breath :)