inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-08-24 06:56:31 (UTC)

::mumbles:: dang 56k modem...

hey. here i am @ home. this'll prolly hafta b brief tho.
cant get caught writin n one o' these things.
well, we're doin lots o' shoppin so @ least that gets my
mind off things. i would still rather b w/ marvin tho. i
really wanna go home. i dun wanna stay here much longer.
i hate sleeping in my own bed, alone.

the mother keeps tryin 2 get me to come bak fer xmas. see?
i knew she'd do that... i havent given a definite answer
yet tho. but im really getting tired o' bein hassled. if
i came rite out n said no, i'd b hassled about that too.

she's also under the impression that im eventually gonna
move back 2 bc. no chance!! i have dun nth 2 give her that
impression... it's her goddamned wishful thinking. it's
just... ugh. i cant imagine living here. even if i din
live @ home, i wouldnt wanna b in bc. i like edmonton just

ok, i really shouldnt b here 2 long. i dunno if i'll ever
get a chance 2 write in here properly until i get home.
agh...i cant wait to go home. i miss everything about
home. i hate this place.