Lost and Searching
2002-12-01 22:20:41 (UTC)

Can't fill the void

I am not sure how i feel, lately it seems that my father
and i have been getting into it regularly, seems that
nothing i do or say is right, i am not sure why????? and
then this deal with just seems i don't know
how to explain it, i mean there isn't really anything worth
living for right now, i just feel in the outs, last and
just meandering along trying to find my footing, but the
footing i am doing now is just robotic of me, just going
through the motions and not feeling anything, is something
that i am getting great at, but not feeling now and not
feeling later is something i don't want, i want to feel it
all, feel it tell there is nothing that i haven't felt or
experienced....should i go back and forget that she lied or
should i continue just ignoring her....