You think you know...but you have NO ide
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2002-12-01 21:35:28 (UTC)

Last Night

Oh man was last night crazy. First off, I messed around
with this guy I liked. And your wondering why thats so bad?
Well lets see.. the fact that he had a girlfriend. Its not
like she was a friend of mine cause I cant stand her. Well
that was the good part, hehe I liked that. BUT after
that... one of my best friends calls and gets all pissy
thinking I like her ex... I dont even wanna tell that sotry
b/c its too long to even talk about. Short story. She still
likes him, Im trying to get them back together, but she
thinks cause Im talking to him I like him. COME ON NOW Im
trying to be a good friend to her and help her out but she
isnt seeing that. So ya. I dunno... all I know is that our
Thanksgiving break is over and that sucks School
tomorrow.. and HEY ive got a class with the girl Hahaha
How nice will that be?