Kat Eyes
2002-12-01 21:35:18 (UTC)

november 17, 2002 (cont.)

dad and i just finished star wars. it's about 10, and i
know that grandma and grandpa both are going to bed, so i
can't type for long b/c my typing can be heard through the
walls...seriously. you can hear a phone conversation
anywhere in this house, b/c of the air conditioner vents.
they make everything echo throughout the house. but
anyways, besides the point. i haven't talked to jordan in
awhile. i called him i think it was wednesday night, and
he said he had to call me right back. and he did, but then
he told me he had to call me back again, and he didn't
call. and he didn't call me to see if we could do
something this weekend. he asked me on wednesday if we
could do something, but i said i didnt know how my work
schedule would work out. i did manage to fix my computer
problem. sort of. i dont know exactly what the problem is
with my floppy drive, but when i take the drive out of the
compter (still plugged in) it'll read disks. but when it's
in the slot in the computer, it won't. so i transfered all
my diary entries to a disk and used the internet for 10
min. to put them all on my diary. i told dad about the
problem, but he keeps telling me there's no difference in
when you take the drive in or out of the computer. but i
know there is, b/c it worked when the drive was out and
when dad put it back in, it didnt work anymore. we bought
a floppy drive with a face on it already, and a little
button. when dad tok the face off, he didn't take the
button off. he put the drive in, but i think its a problem
with the button's face on there b/c the drive itself is
supposed to be touching the floppy face thats already on
my computer. but the button thats on the drive's face is
putting distance between the face on my tower and the
actual drive. so when i put a disk in, it's not going in
all the way. or its not going in properly anyways. i'll
email scooter from school tomorrow and ask him what he
thinks. he can help me. well, i g2g before i piss grandma
and grandpa off. oh, by the way, nick likes jesse's
sister...rhiannon. how lovely is that? and to top it off,
when nick went to jesse's today/yesterday, he spent
practically the entire time flirting with jesse's sister
(according to jesse) now in my opinion, that it LOW. and
isn't nick in love with me? but, i guess the rule works
both ways. we're broken up, and i'm allowed to see other
people, so is he. i can't help feeling like i'm cheating
on him though. it's like we're invisibly attached. that
hurts though...rhiannon and i have talked before, and shes
actually a friend of mine. she knows we went out. thats
low for the both of them. i gues jesse was right all
along, rhiannon can't get her own friends...she'll steal
yours. or even your boyfriend. l8rz