Kat Eyes
2002-12-01 21:33:38 (UTC)

november 17, 2002

I MADE JV i'm so excited we had try outs from 9 to 11:30
on saturday, and coach blackshere told me i made it i'm
so happy. when i first got there i seriously thought i had
no chance what so ever. i hadn't gone to the last 3 try
outs, b/c they kept changing the try outs times and not
telling me. this one chick, ashley, whose already on the
team, told me she'd get blackshere's number for me o i
could talk to him about the try out schedule. so i gave
her my number and told her to call me. well, she didn't
call. actually, she did but i wasn't there. grandma and i
went to the store and she called while i was gone. but
what really pissed me off was that she didn't leave me a
message and the practice time had been changed to 6. like
normal time. and i could have made that practice dad and
i were going out for dinner, but he would have understood.
but she didn't leave a message i asked her why and she's
like "well i just don't leave messages" i was SO pissed
but i didn't say anything, and it didn't matter in the end
b/c i made it. so did lorin. our practices are from 5 to 7
at santa fe all this wek. i hope that margit isn't going
to call me in friday. she won't be happy if i tell her i
have to leave early. i could work saturday. i'd rather
not, b/c i want to get a jump on christmas shopping and
hitting target on sunday isn't exactly the smartest thing
to do, but i'll work if i have to. that just means 50
extra bucks. i had such a shitty day on friday. we had a
major crisis in yearbook, and it botched up my entire day.
as bad as my grade is in bio, i had to miss that class. id
didn't even try to miss mrs. zanteson's class, b/c i knew
she'd jump all over me about privilags and what not. and i
had to miss algebra. i didnt want to miss that class
either but i told mr. stewart (for bio) that i'd come in
6th period to take notes for this retarded movie we were
watching. so i had to miss algebra to make up for bio. and
we were playing this game thing too with matrices, and i'm
still shaky on them and i'm sure our test is some tiem
this week and i won't understand what the heck we're
doing. he gave us an extra credit worksheetm and i took it
home thinking i could figure it out, but i sat down today
and tried to do it and i couldn't. and i left my algebra
book in my locker, knowing that we wouldn't need it b/c of
the game thingy. and i didn't run by my locker after
school b/c i had to run to miller's room and see what was
going on with the mistakes and i had to work and i didn't
want margit to be pissed that i'd be late. so, yea. it
sucked pretty bad. and work wasn't fun either. margit had
me unwinding garlands, for this order for an office
decoration. i didn't know margit worked with fake flowers.
so i had to unwind thesegarlands of ugly spring flowers
(who uses spring flowers in a christmas garland?) and she
told me to not rip the garlands apart while unwinding
them, in other words don't rip any of the fake flowers
off, and i had no problem doing that but it meant that i
had to work slower. and she started getting on my back
about working slow. and then she made me "fluff" garland.
(this cheap "pine" garland) i saw the sample margit made,
and it's got those already ugly spring flowers, wound into
the christmas garland with these nice looking gold fowers.
bridgette and i had to take the stems off the gold flowers
and stick them into these flat boxes. well i g2g, dad and
i are watching star wars