Hair Of The Dog
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2001-08-24 05:01:36 (UTC)

working at the pub

Well last night was just friggin packed out at work, it was
our 5th birthday and people came from everywhere to get
drunk and celebrate. I worked my arse off, and after work
the manager pulled me aside and gave me a $50 bonus, which
rocks! I also found $30 on the floor over the duration of
the evening, drunks can be real careless with their money.
There was one group standing at the bar with a couple of
fresh drinks, all drunk, and $15 on the floor right where
they were standing, so I walked straight up, picked the
money off the floor, and walked off before their brains
figured out what just happened. HAH! I love doing that, you
see a bunch of people and a note at their feet on the floor,
the challenge is to see whether you can get it without them
spotting what you're trying to do. There were some real sexy
women in there too, yeeeeoowwww! However I still like this
Rebecca chick that works there, she's canadian and although
she smokes (I hate smokers, refuse to date one) I still
really like her. She has a boyfriend, but even still there
is a definite connection there. You know when two people's
love chemistry fit together so well you can nearly smell
each other's hormones mingling in the air? Well that's what
it's like with Rebecca. Now if she'd only drop her boyfriend
and quit her filthy habit......

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