My Mind
2001-08-24 04:43:35 (UTC)

cant sleep

cant sleep stupid accident wont leave my head no matter
what i try. im so depressed and nothing can bring me out
of it even as bad as im hurting i tried to make love and it
didnt work. what am i going to do will it ever go away. i
cant help thinking there was something i couldve done to
prevent it i cant help thinking why it happened to us. i
cant sleep at night im up all night just thinking about
things that dont even matter anymore its done with over
nothing can change it but i cant stop is there a reason i
dwell on it so bad why. i wish someone could give me
answers. someone to help me over this. no one wants to im
weak im in too much pain to do a lot of things but yet i
refuse to ask for help. im writing in a diary that no one
will read and expecting from answers from no one that will
read the questions. im too embarassed to tell my husband
about the diary i guess thats a weakness too. im just all
around weak and i want to be strong again but how. matters
of the mind dont come as easily as they should just the
ones that bring me down further into the weakening
madness. wish i knew of a way out. --end--

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