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2001-08-24 04:19:44 (UTC)


I am going to bed but i better write something in this. it
is better the writing in and. and easier!! =o) =oP''
so tonight i was to Mickey D's and got dinner i got a
chicken sandwich and a faheta (whatever) and a milkshake!!!
rootbeer flavoured.... yummy... then i got online and talk
to libbalicious then i play bingo then i went dowstairs to
make cookies but in the middle of it we found we didn't
have flour so we didn't make cookies ( we= nikki and me) =o(
and now i am doing this !!! I miss my daddy he had to stay
late for work and he's not back yet!!! =o( :'( ='o( tears
rollings!!!!! ok so where were we yeah he's not home yet
because he had to stay late to do something for the server
but he doesn't even get paid for it!!! well i guess good
night then Luvya people!!! Buh Bye! =o)

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