the wonderful (yeah right) life of mine
2001-08-24 03:26:33 (UTC)

oh man i started thinking, not good

I'm going out with Josh, but am really starting to like
Larry. I like Josh and don't want to break up with him, but
he lives like an hour away, and Larry lives in walking
distance from me. They are both really cute, and they like
me, actually me. They both put up with me when I'm being
really onery. They are both so sweet. Larry waits for me
after volleyball, then comes to my house. Josh is a cowboy,
and Larry rides bikes. Maybe I should like quit going out
with people and just flirt like I did before. It was fun,
but I still flirt, I think about it and I kinda feel bad
about doing it, because I'm going out with Josh, but the
long-distance thing off of Road Trip is true, right? I have
got to stop thinking now, I'll stick with Josh and still
flirt with Larry. Besides, Josh is coming down this weekend
and Larry is going to be gone. (Now I know why I listened
to my best friend and started this stupid diary, I can say
anything that I don't want to tell my friends.)

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