The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2002-12-01 07:13:22 (UTC)

holy crap..well its been long time---ahhh the sweet stealage

ok well it has been are really long time since i have last
put in a entry...see since i am like never on the
computer ..or have time..or maybe it is because i am not
big on putting fourth that much effort...hmmm one of thos i
am sure..well..not much has fact nothin ever
fun/exsiting ever happens to me really..i have alot of my
Christmas shopping done..and that is it..ohhhh...i know
your exsited for me...i know it..well lets see..a list of
knew things that have happened to me:
1. I am going to Ireland
2. My hamster died
3. I am poor
4. I think i am going to kill my insurance agency..DAMN YOU
sad huh?..i know it is a sad little life i live...little me
and a sad little exsistance?..(can't early/late)
probably should go to bed..yupoos probably
should...ahh..soo tired so very tired....oh and by the way
to all of you who have city water..CLEANER..FREAK...LOSER
CLEANER FREAK..ah ha ha ha and remember kids it is not
safe to give things to the following people..they are
dangerous in their own ways:
1. Mary-likes to steal things and run away and marry it
2. Libby-likes to steal things, b/c she thinks it is funny,
of which it is, but that is not the point (dangerous
person, you cannot trust her)
3. Ashley-she may try to rape NEVER
trust can go into her..NONE and yes she does have
scars..she will show them to you..just ask
4. Sean- he is a person who wears pants..and yes he to
steals things and like to rape them madly and may yes may
even try to hoard it to himself
5. Christina (ME)- well she is one of the worst she is a
stealer of stealers..she steal people who steal
things/stuff for instance this is not a joke...she stole
all of these people just last week..for she stole Mary and
then was seen throwing socks at her...and she was seen
driving by Libby's home and throwing pudding..yes vanilla
pudding at her, it was terrible...she was also seen at Wal-
Mart taking Ashley and yes stealing her away in a cart as
though she was five years old...she even was seen throwing
DIET pepsi twist at her...and as for Sean..well little has
been seen, but we ARE watching her..and remeber NEVER EVER
~Thank you~
~~If you have been watching/reading...i ammm sooo
sorry...and if i have forgotten to steal you...let me
know..thank you have a nice day

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