The mediocrity that is me
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2002-12-01 06:53:30 (UTC)

How much do you give?

"The problem with the world is that it is becoming too

Yes, this was a direct quote, straight to you from my
grandfather. They used to visit, and I swear, I must have
been deaf or something, because I never ever remember
hearing a single prejudaced statement ever leave their

Suddenly, I'm "priviledged" to hear information on how the
best shopping days are on Jewish holidays, because that's
when "all the Jews stay home", or on how the neighborhood
starting "going down hill" or how liberals are basically
the scum of the earth.

Holy hell. I wanted to scream. I entertained fantasies
of hurtling sharp butcher knives through the air, cutting
off their tongues.

I looked at my grandfather, who is very conservative, most
likely racist, and then I looked past that too my father.
My father who has bucked all the trends and become even
more liberal as he has aged. And I wonder how the hell he
managed to become that way after living with his parents.

Maybe family influence can only take you so far.
Eventually, you make your own decisions, and you cannot
blame a single one of them on the sins of your fathers.

I wonder what kind of relationship they had. Obviously,
it can't have been a very good one, otherwise I believe
that my father would have ended up trusting and believing
everything his parents told him. And that would have
given me a conservative, racist parent.