life is just a poker game
2001-08-24 02:34:56 (UTC)

Goals, revisited...

Ok, so here's what I wrote a month ago:
Here's a list of things I need to buy in the next week:
-- bathroom stuff (shampoo, etc.)
-- towels
-- garbage can(s) (think one will be enough?)
-- cat food
-- me food
-- broom/mop/etc.

Bought bathroom stuff. Have enough towels to last. Bought a
garbage can. Bought cat food, me food, and Adrianna left her
cleaning supplies. Woohoo!

Within the next three months:
-- vacuum ($60)
-- microwave ($60)

I kept the vaccuum. And Adrianna gave me her microwave.

Within the next six months:
-- bookshelves (?? prolly around $200)

Yes, I most definitely need some bookshelves. Although I
will be willing to settle for the Walmart kind. Or something
made of metal.

Add: a stereo with a cd player in it. ($100)

Within the next year:
-- computer (~$600? dunno, really)
-- headboards for the bed ($300)

The only thing with buying a computer is that then I'd have
to get cable internet...which is extra money. And I dunno if
I want to spend money. Buuuuuuut, I'm a geek. And so I
probably will.

Add: paying back a friend for money loaned long ago ($300)

Ok, just wanted to keep updating this thing. Especially
since I just went back and read all my entries. Whew, what a