The jerk files
2001-08-24 02:22:35 (UTC)

I did something naughty.

I ate to corndogs for lunch. Well, actually no i didnt.
But i bet you came to read my journal. WAIT! no dont
leave...not yet. Today i woke up and ate breakfast,....a
hot pocket. mmm then i cleaned up my room because my
sister and myself are switching since i will be leaving to
Masters on the 4th. This girl named Richie lives with us
and were getting another on the 4th named Tiana. I will be
gone so thats cool. (my brother will be in a house full of
girls. =) I went to the mall to get a backpack. I got one.
I came home and sat around and drank sodie waters. I then
went to take my mom to work (bible bookstore) And went to
wal mart with my sister alysia.I went to get some school
supplies. I wanted to get all the cool folders and colorful
crap but i said..."This is college not 6th grade stupid!"
so i only got necesities..(green slime and those cool
crooked pencils) I came home and here i am. I have no plans
and am doing nothing tomorrow. yay.

Five things i fear about masters.

1. Rickie
2. Lack of sleep
3. No food
4. Drinking water everyday for lunch
5. Screwing up everything