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2001-08-24 02:12:43 (UTC)

August 23, 2001

I'm starting this diary on August 23, 2001 simply for my
own personal benefit. I decided to check the "public"
option, maybe someone out there in wonderland will
find what I say inspiring, degrading... maybe a quote
will be used in a future novel or screenplay or song.
Regardless, I'm choosing to use this as a home to
digress; just allowing my feelings and my life unfold.

Today started out late. I was pissed. For the past two
days I have been taking an Adobe Illustrator class,
simply because the lying ass that got me my job had to
make good on my capabilities as an Art Director. My
boss, Mark, has been wonderful. I think he saw through
the window and realized that I had no real "skill", except
for a rediculous knack for concept. After bull-shitting my
way for the first seven-months (I'm really surprised I
have stayed since January), he signed me up for some
Illustrator and Photoshop classes.

I felt like such a prisoner, though. In a room with people
who had basically just started using computers. The
instructor was an idiot... I knew more than him about
the fucking program. I hope he was pissed, as I wizzed
through the assignments and read my book.

I've been reading "The Executioner's Song", by Norman
Mailer. It's a good book, I'll probably write more when
I've finished the 1000 pages.

Dido's playing on my CD player... I need to relax. I'm
smoking a cigarette, my cat Mia is romping around my

After the classes I worked my way to New York Sports
Club. I had a work out date with Joey Robinson. Joey
and I have an interesting relationship, albeit a short
history. I've been wanting to write this story down for
awhile, so here goes.

About two weeks ago I went to a party thrown by my
best friend Kelly at Sephora (a cosmetics store in
SoHo). Kelly works for a major men's magazine called
FHM, and they were trying to get more men into their
advertiser's store. I was required to attend. It was at that
time that I met Mr. Bryan van Gorder, Associate VP of
Marketing at ZIRH Skin Care and Fragerences. Brian is
about 6'4", slender and slim, balding, but buzzed short
and very, very, very well-kept. I walked up to Kelly when I
arrived (and I made sure that I was looking good... new
Diesel couture, a vintage 'Gap' shirt and a Gucci belt
showing ever so inconsipcously but well enough to get
noticed by the fashionistas.

I strolled up to Kelly and a man who I knew would be in
my life for the remainder of my life... she introduced us.
To break the "gay" ice, I commented on several
delicious looking men in the room. Bryan did the same
and Kelly left us to talk. Goal #1 (finding out his
sexuality) was accomplished, now I had to figure out if
he was a married-man.

For the remainder of the party, I clung to Bryan, and
eventually realized that when things were getting
stagnant, he was clinging to me. He was so
handosome, has this one semi-crooked tooth, but
when he smiled it was radiant. He told me that it was
his birthday and he was 28. He said that Kelly and a
few of his friends were getting together at the Dew Drop
Inn on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village after the
FHM gig, and I was invited to attend as well. I accepted.

Bryan had decided to leave and change clothing. He
was wearing a beautiful Prada suit and shoes that
made him look like $100 million. After he had departed,
I started to drill Kelly and find out if she had a boyfriend.
She wasn't sure, but knew of an on again / off again
situation. I felt awful, but I decided to go to the party

Kelly, he assistant Juliet and a gay-sales rep at FHM
named Jim Nolan (who I detested from the start... he is
an ass) packed into a taxi and headed over to the Dew
Drop. Kelly had been invited to another party near Union
Square or Murray Hill and was itching to attend that,
rather than munch on nacho's and bad drinks at the
Dew Drop... when we arrived, Bryan and his friends
were not there yet, so she and Jim took off. I found
Juliet a cab and she went to Union Square to catch a
subway train back to Brooklyn.

I hung around for awhile and watched the bartenders
and a couple of other bar-fly's watch Comedy Central.
After about 45 minutes, Brian appeared wth friends in
tow. We all sat down and were having a nice
conversation. I was introduced to several women, and
older man and Joey.

Joey, himself, is a well-looking man. He stands at
about 5'10" and has a definite soccer players body. He
is 31, but could pass for 25. I asked Bryan how he knew
everyone, he gave me semi-detailed explanations, and
then he said that Joey was his boyfriend. I asked how
long they had been dating, and he said, "two years." My
heart was crushed.

The party broked up, and Joey, Bryan and I were left
sitting at the table. Then two mutual friends arrived, the
fashion editor at DNR and a fashion photographer.
Everyone decided to go to Beige at B-Bar on W4th right
before the East Village.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bullshit the doorman
about not having an ID on me, and was refused in. I
hated that. The two mutual friends stayed... I assumed
Bryan and Joey were going to stay as well, however,
they decided to walk me back to the PATH train to New
Jersey, which was on their way home.

When we got to the corner of their apartment, Joey
suggested that he go and buy some beer and I chill out
with them for awhile. I felt as if I was imposing on their
alone time, but he insisted, so I went up with Bryan and
Joey went and got the beer.

Joey came back, and we were already all semi-drunk
from the Dew Drop. He popped open the dark ale and
we all sat around talking, conversing. Bryan and I
smoked, Joey sat there. Then Joey broke out the weed
and Joey and I both got stoned out of our minds. This is
where it gets good.

Joey brought out a big blanket, we were sitting on the
couch, Bryan was in a chair next to the couch. Joey then
put his feet up on my lap. I had no clue what was about
to happen. He started to massage my dick with his foot.
I shot a look at Bryan, he shrugged his sholder and we
continued our conversation.

Then Joey suddenly blurted out, "let's talk about penis
size...", "no, the width of the penis..." I moved the topic to
the pharmacoeconomic situation of South Uganda. I
asked Bryan if he wanted to discuss it... he said, "let's
disucss both..." That was when I knew the shit was
going to hit the fan. I was going to have a three-way with
these two men.

I informed them that my dick was 6.5" around. It really
isn't all that big when you think about it, but I know... I
measured it. Joey had decided to go to the restroom,
and I had a very obvious hard-on, but kept it concealed
under the blanket. Then, Bryan came and sat on the
couch next to me, and we held hands.

Joey came back to the couch and sat in the middle of
us. I didn't know what to do, but all of a sudden I looked
down and Joey's hard dick was out. (If you're reading
this, I apologize for the porn.) Joey started to undo my
pants, and Bryan got up on his knees and took out his
dick. Before I did anything, to either of them, I kissed
Bryan, with all my soul. I knew he could feel that.

We proceeded to have a four hour suck, kiss and
whack-off session. It had to have been the most
incredible experience of my life.

I'm getting tired, I'll write more tomorrow.


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