Sweet Child

Sweet Life
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2001-08-24 01:51:22 (UTC)

If he's...

"If he's cheating with you, what stops him from cheating
on you?" A wise man once said. Or just my friend Brandon
from camp. I finally called him. I didn't REALLY talk to
him at camp but we knew eachother. While we were on the
phone I realized he's really cool to talk to. He's the
first one I've talked to that has told straight out. It all
wasn't about issues & stuff. I mean there was certain stuff
we talked about but it was pretty cool. He told me the
truth. He said he would say no. I get it though. The way he
put it, it was so clear. I know most of you have already
tried to show me that may be it wasn't the best descision
but this guy said it for my benifit. Not your own. Or for
those of you who didn't say anything about it & thought it
was just another one of my phases then HA! You were wrong.
It wasn't a phase, it still isn't & it won't be. You know
why? Because I won't let it! I know some of you are
thinking, there are some things out of my control & you're
right, BUT, this is not one of them. Trust me! No one ever
told me the bad part about it & say it like they really
care about how this will benifit ME. Not anything to do
with them. I should really thank him for that. I'm starting
to realize the people I never expected to really care about
me, do. Like Chris. I met him last year at camp & people
say, what's the point of meeting someone at camp, you just
talk to them at camp then a couple weeks later, then you
stop talking & forget about eachother until next time. I
love this part: I proved you wrong. Chris & Eileen for
example. Chris I have been able to talk to about God &
stuff like that. And how it is to be a Christian & not have
many believeing friends at school. I totally understand. He
knows exactly what I'm talking about. Eileen. She is
awesome. She is like one of the coolest people I have met.
She is so down to earth & honest with me. I have been
talking to her since last year too. Her & I should be going
out soon. Anyway, Brandon is also cool. He was really fun
to talk to. I look forward to talking to him more.

On a more, I really don't wanna talk about it note, I got
my classes for school today. Guess what? I got that Drama
class I was hoping for. This is it. This right here is
where it all begins. I got drama. It will only be a matter
of time now before I get that best actress award. I'm so
excited! I can't wait to get acting. I suck now, but soon I
will be magnificent. OKay here's my class schedule:
Per. Class.
1 Physical Science
2 Health
3 English
4 DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like alot of fun. I can't wait. I'm so excited. My
classes are so easy. Health, all that takes is to actully
do your work. Physical Science, easy. English, I'm a pro.
Drama, fun fun fun. Ha Ha. I hope I really enjoy this year.
Can I ask you all a favor? Pray for me. I really don't
usually ask for that but I really need it. Pray that God
will be with me through out the year & that he will give me
the strength I need to get things done. Thanks. Just don't
get all touchy about okay. I'm just not in the mood for all
that stuff you know.

Now, now, now! The best part about all this, is this
Saturday! I get to go shoppping!!!!! For all my school
clothes. This is great. I love the beginning of the school
year. Okay now, I've got some calls to make. I got's to go
now. C-ya later! Okay may be not, but until next time my
friend. Good bye!