One hell of a life
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2002-12-01 02:34:48 (UTC)

12-01-02 entry twenty

Woo twentieth entry. Yesterday we spent the whole,
damn day at the new was wicked. We were sort
of "celebrating" us moving in. Mom's friend and her son
came over cause they just moved into the same villa. We
have these awesome leather sofa's, and two seperate sofa
chairs, which fold out into reclining chairs like
Chandler's and Joey's on FRIENDS. Then the middle of the
main sofa folds out into a snack and drinks table. It is so
majorly awesome.
Later I went to buy some lights for the house...found a
few. At six forty we put the matresses onto the bed, and
now my room is almost done It's the biggest in the house,
I'm majorly psyched to move in..which we're doing in a

Well Lois got pissed at Jason cause he wrote me an email
saying, "I got especially shy around you...cuz ur so
beautiful..." and she likes him and he didn't write that in
her email so she was a bit pissed him...but they'll
sort it out, course. But i mean, he's got a girlfriend
anyway so he can't act upon anything else unless he dumps
Vivian, and he's not gonna do that just to get with me.
We don't even know each other that well. Just talked a bit
at the party.