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2001-08-24 00:32:53 (UTC)


Thursday 8/23/01

I woke up with a bad hangover this morning. Dawn called me
last night and I ended up going out to meet her at our
favorite neighborhood nightclub. I know Dawn from the gym.
She and Gina are my best friends. There was a great band
playing last night and I got an opportunity to show off the
new car to some of my friends.

Dawn introduced me to some friends she works with. I
danced my ass off and had a really good time. Her boss,
Mr. Bowen was there. A 40 something year old married guy
who is obviously in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Dawn
has been screwing him for the past several months. She
says that no one at the office knows. Yeah right. Anyone
who saw the two of them together would know that there was
something going on between them. A 45 year old man gets a
certain gleam in his eye and bounce in his step when he is
getting some 25 year old pussy on a regular basis.

I hope I've learned my lesson not to get involved with
people I work with. But it can be particularly tempting at
the gym. There are so many good looking men and women
there. All that sweat and pheromones do something to the
libido. Thank God for cold water and showers.

Most of the day was pretty boring. I did some laundry and
ironing and cleaned Molly's litter box. I called the
landlord to find out what is going on with my lease. She
told me several weeks ago that the rent is going up when my
lease is up in September. I told her to let me know right
away how much it is going up so that I can decide whether
to stay, or whether to look for something else. I told her
that if she raises the rent she better get over here and
put in some new carpeting.

I am leaving early tomorrow so I won't be updating my diary
until Monday night.