Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-24 00:26:12 (UTC)


Getting your fingerprints taken... is definitely an odd
experience. I had to go down to the Sheriff’s office today
to get my prints taken for work... and that’s pretty much
all I did all day. Other than cleaning that is:) Yes, I am
happy now. I got to clean. My room looks all nice and stuff
just like it did over the summer... and my goal is to keep
it that way and not let it get messy again. I just feel so
much better sleepin in a clean room..:)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.. about different things.
Thinkin about the retreat... and how I so cannot wait to go
(14 days now..hehe). I’ve also been thinkin so much about
college. I thought waiting a year to go would make my
decision easier, but I was sooo way wrong. It doesn’t get
any easier, cause they’re all still great schools! Each one
has certain benefits that the others don’t.... and I’m
really wonderin if I’m gonna be able to make a decision.
It’s like... I just wanna go to them all, ya know? haha:) I
know that’s not possible, but I just can’t decide. I mean,
every single one has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

1) FREED-HARDEMAN...Well, Freed is not very far away, only
about 8 or 9 hours.. and I know people who HAVE gone there,
who ARE going there, and who WILL BE going there...but the
campus wasn’t very umm... me, and it didn’t feel like a
place I could call “home” for 4 years. It also does not
have a Criminal Justice Dept....which I’m not sure
that’s what I want to do yet, but if it is... Freed is
definitely out. Freed is also, honestly, in one of the
dumpiest towns I’ve ever been to. I do’nt want to sound
mean, but it is... and that’s what I want to get away
from.. I don’t wanna go to college in a town that’s worse
than Ironton. It’s got about 1700 students, which is
about.. medium sized. Oh yeah, one more thing... Ash might
go there... do you know how much fun she and I would have if
we went to college together??

2) HARDING.... Harding is where my dad went to college. He
loved it. Harding is the biggest of the schools I’m lookin
at... with about 4500 students...but I havent’ decided if
that’s what I want or not. A small school? or a big school?
I just don’t know. I also know a lot of people who have
gone, are going, or will be going to Harding. Much more than
Freed I have to say. Harding seems to be a popular choice
for people in this area, as well as people from camp. The
campus was nice, but once again, it didn’t feel
like “home”. It’s so big and so spread out... it doesn’t
even feel like a campus.. except for the little lawn in
front with the lilly pond. That’s cool:) It’s also 13 hours
away from home. It’s also in a pretty small town.... Ya
know, it’s in Arkansas... do I really have to say anymore?

3) FAULKNER...It’s the smallest of the schools.. with about
600 undergraduate students, actually living on campus.
However, it is also one of the nicest... facilities-wise.
About half of their buildings are brand new, after all...
the college itself is only about 40 years old or something
like that? It’s only a little further away from home than
Freed, about 10 hours. They have an awesome Criminal
Justice Dept. and the people are very friendly. It’s
in a big city... but it’s in the suburbs (sorta) so it’s
far enough away from downtown so it’s not so crowded, but
yet, the city is like.. minutes away. The dorms... they’re
awesome. For every two rooms, there is a FULL SIZE bathroom
that is shared. We’re talkin bathtub and all... and for all
of you who know what living in a dorm is like... I think
that’s pretty much all the reasoning I hvae to give for why
I love Faulkner:) But, it also helps that they are the
cheapest school, and are offering the most in
scholarships/loans. However, I do not know anyone who has
attended or IS attending Faulkner. I’m lucky if I find
someone who’s even heard of it... well, except for Mark...
but he’s just a sophomore in high school so... that means
nothing to me.

4) OKLAHOMA CHRISTIAN...Who could forget Oklahoma
Christian? I almost did... I was this close (----) to
crossing it off my list for good... but something changed
my mind. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was one of
the only two schools I actually felt at home at (Faulker
being the other), or the fact that now, I actually know
someone... from Ohio... going there, and they love it. I
guess that has a little to do with. I mean, I’ll be honest,
the main reason I wasn’t lookin at OC as much is b/c it is
so far away from home. About 16 hours or so? I think? Maybe
a little more... I dunno for sure.. but it’s a loooong way.
But ya know what? I loved it. The people were awesome...
and they also had very nice dorms... no full size bath, but
still nice:) haha! What I liked most about OC is the fact
that when we went to the college church on Sunday evening,
all of the staff and faculty were so friendly to us, and
did everything in their power to help us out... they were
also pretty funny... and that’s always cool:) OC was just
really nice... and like Faulkner, it has the whole “big
city experience with a small town feel” kinda thing:) It’s
also about medium size.. with about 2400 students... give
or take a few. The campus is so cute tho... and it feels...
cozy:) Actually, Faulkner and OC are a lot alike...

5) OHIO VALLEY COLLEGE...Finally... there is Ohio Valley
College. This one... is a new one to my list. Actually, I
don’t think I would ever go to OVC for a full 4 years cause
they don’t offer very many majors.... at all.. and there is
only about 450 students living on campus... that is like,
smaller than my high school! But, I have considered going
to OVC for a couple of years, then transferring somewhere
else... ya know, to save money. Although, I don’t know how
much money I would save considering the fact that I just
found out OVC’s tuition is about the same as Faulkner’s.
The only plus about OVC is the fact that it’s 2 1/2 hours
away from home...and a month or two ago... that would’ve
been considered a definite plus on my list... but now, it
doesn’t really matter to me. I mean, the issue of being
homesick is not a big one to me right now... cause I’m
pretty sure, after this year, I will be sick of home...
instead of homesick:)... I will be itchin to get away....
heck, I already am!:)

So.. I know I’m probably boring everyone to death, most
people probably didn’t even read all of my Pros/Cons for my
college choices... after all, why should you care? This is
my decision... my future, right? Ehh... I just wish there
was someone, someone I could go to that could be totally
fair and consider all the facts.. .and then simply say “Ok,
you need to go... here” Just like that... that would be
awesome. But, I guess I just gotta look at it like
this. No matter where I go, I’m gonna be surrounded by
christians, therefore.. I’m gonna have a blast no matter
where I go. Maybe I should just draw straws or something?
That would be easy...