2001-08-24 00:19:43 (UTC)

Which came first, the chicken or the egg...?

Alright. Instead of rambling on about tennis, I'll talk
about something else for once. Like... Hm. Well, like
Kritti's party tomorrow. I don't have tennis (ah, the evil
word!!) in the afternoon, because the coaches are evil and
are making us all get up at eight in the morning. Good
Gawd. I have never been so proud of my 'SPARTAN TENNIS'
shirt and my really ugly plaid tennis skirt. We have a
match next Tuesday with East High. Ugh. They've been
practicing illegally. Not fair. I'll die.
Moving on. Tennis is basically my life now. Except for
Blitz Night yesterday, which absolutely sucked, because
those evil people were--well, evil, I seem to have
permeated my life with tennis. Which I'm not complaining
about. The soccer-boys of West High get to play soccer
next to our courts. Not complaining about that, either.
Except they're all Hamilton children. I HATE HAMILTON.
Ever since they beat my team in BOTB by CHEATING (yes, it's
true, don't deny it), I have despised them. Which is
ironic, considering I just made a friend who happened to be
in from Hamilton. She didn't tell me after we were
acquainted, though. That was smart. She doesn't know I
have a thing against Hamilton Midl. though. She might hate
me if I accused her school-mates of cheating. Not that
THAT's a bad idea, but just to be on the safe side...
I have been trying not to yell at my brother. Which is
HARD, considering he yells at me night and day, day and
night, for absolutely no reason. Argh. And what about
Kenny licking Frances? What? What? *majorly confused*
Get back to you later.