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2001-08-24 00:06:50 (UTC)

Do Dreams Come True?

Nothing has really happened yet. Nothing will until Sunday,
which is when I finally get to see Jon again. I'm still
planning on walking to High School group with him. I told
my mom all about it and she actually thinks it's a good
idea. He doesn't have to know that I'm going to "run into"
him on purpose. Hehee... I imagine myself making sure
everything is perfect at the last minute, all the way down
to my shoes. I'm planning on wearing pink, which happens to
be Shanna's favorite color.

Okay, the past few nights something small has happened, I
suppose. I keep having dreams revolving around Jon. In most
of them we become great friends and we talk a lot. One
dream he asked me to go out with him and another he asked
my parents if we could be boyfriend and girlfriend. But one
dream I can't figure out.

Jon and I are in this huge room that looked like a school
cafeteria. There were a few other girls there and we were
all scattered around the room. A girl in a lavender shirt
knew I liked Jon and said, "Well we all like Jon so whoever
gives him a note saying that we like him gets to have him."
So we all went to write a note to Jon. The girl in
lavender and a girl in pink finished at the same time and
Jon was totally expecting it. I lost because I took my time
on the note. I guess the dream doesn't have to mean
anything, but I'm just curious to know. Well, I'll let you
know how Sunday goes... I don't think I'll be writing tomorrow
or Saturday. Wish me luck!

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