Inside My Head
2001-08-23 23:16:00 (UTC)

OK Day

Well, today was alright...we had a really weird
discussion in 4A...I found out the guy I was interested in
does pot. A lot. I mean where do they get it? I was the
only one who didn't (not that I CARED) and i felt a little
weird about it...but Jessica was really nice a/b it. They
weren't disapproving or anything, and they don't exactly
make me want to or anything...I mentioned it to my mom and
she kind of frieked like I was pondering doing a bag in my
room or something and gave me a long chat about how doing
pot is what teens do "to satisfy the urge to rebel."
Alrighty then.............
Lately i've been in kind of a rut. I feel like
wallpaper or something. I haven't seen much of my friends
lately, and today I was in mid sentance with Gray when some
girls pulled him over and started talking to him! I tried
to get him to come on, but he kept talking...I just kept
going on then. It wasn't worth it to be embarrassed by a
guy who is clobbered by girls all the time. All my classes
are people i don't really know, and both of my lunch tables
suck but I just go and sit with Trip. He's really funny.
I don't know...he could never have feelings for me that way
(I wish though).
I guess my life doesn't suck too much though.