Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-30 20:23:01 (UTC)

sleepless nights

Why can't I ever sleep. I spent prolly 4 hours last night
watching stupid shows on tv. I wanted to sleep but I
couldn't. Finally at 4am EST I went to my room read a
chapter of The Catcher in the rye and fell asleep. I woke
up this morning from a phone call, found out 6 love birds
weren't in their cages and that the dog crapped in it's
cage. I cleaned the crap,caught the birds, took a
shower,and then realized my brother and his wife forgot to
leave me keys to their car (at this time I will point out I
do not have a car). I found spares. Now I need to find some
toenail clippers. And then I am going to a friends house
for dinner and then to another friends house to hangout. I
guess all that makes up for last night having nothing to do
with nobody.....
book-cather in the rye(i am only on the 1st chapter)
Cd-audioslave(grows on you but is great)
movie-emperoers club(ok??? needed something more)