Mars Hotel
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2001-08-23 21:58:01 (UTC)

The First Night

The long anticipated night
Was nothing like I imagined.
Your tears
sank my heart.
My deepest desire was for you
to be happy.
In an instant,
that desire plummeted
along with my happiness.

Then you tried to forget
and laugh.
So you laughed at me,
But I'm glad I could help you
even for a split second.

Finally we slept,
and I,
with my arm around you,
felt content
while you wrestled your own
dream demons.

When I awoke,
you were still asleep.
I looked upon your face--
such beauty.
I've never seen.
No sunset or rainbow God had made
could match his finest creation
lying beside me.
A peace washed over my soul and
everything felt right.