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2001-08-23 21:50:18 (UTC)

A Sign Of Hope To Come Around

the tears streaming down my face
show nothing but disgrace
those nights watching shooting stars together
i thoguht theyd last forever
all these memories have gone to waste
cause u appear in each space
i thought id never be mad at you
i was always true
but teh hatred has built up inside me
all because u decided to leave
when u said seeing other people would be smart
thats the moment i fell apart
my heart seperated in two
you dont understand how much i loved you
and maybe it was just teenage puppy love
but to me you were an angel sent from above
u made me feel like i had the world at my fingertips
but all those feleings r gone as i wathc my tears drip
drip from eyes taht looked upon you like an angel
now im nto starting to look well
u pulled the rug right over my eyes
and all i can do is cry
maybe if i could have been better lookin
you wouldnt have wanted to leave
as i look and listen for any sign of hope to come around
i once thoughtu were once so above me
now to me your so far to teh ground

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