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2001-08-23 21:04:05 (UTC)

My web page

I have had absolutely nothing to do in the past few
days, and I have been insane with boredom. So, yesterday I
decided to update my webpage. That turned into quite a
project, and I spent all day at work on it, and an hour or
so after Ryan went to bed last night. I finished it up
today at work, and now, at 2:00pm, I am finally finished.
Anyone who's reading this should go check it out and sign
my guestbook, so I know people are actually looking at it.
It's I put a lot of cute
girls on there and some hot guys too (to balance it out). I
also put some little games on there. Tonight, if I have
time, I want to add a bunch of links to downloads, like
monopoly and chess and the shagometer (this really cool
little flash interactive thing that says what celebrities
you'd be good with, bad with, and also similar to).
Anyway, I should really go and do some work now. I
haven't worked in 2 days :) Bye for now!