Fins Talk and Other Thoughts
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2002-11-30 17:46:06 (UTC)

Almost Sunday--Saturday, 30 November 2002, 12:38 pm

Good Afternoon,
It's almost Sunday, and as you may or may not know,
Sundays are the best days of the week. Why? Because it's
football day Every Sunday this season, Mom, Uncle
William, Sean, and I go to the ESPN Club in Orlando to
watch our Miami Dolphins play. It's awesome. The game is
the main attraction, but there are so many other reasons
why we go. The food is great and the entertainment
surrounding the game is so much fun. I really love their
presentation of Adam Sandler's "Lonesome Kicker." The
kicker is my favorite position in football. I can't tell
you really why, but I think it has something to do with
Pete Stoyanovich, as he is my favorite player EVER. Now,
however, my favorite players are as follows:

Zach Thomas--Miami
Jason Taylor--Miami
Ray Lucas--Miami
Rob Konrad--Miami
Tom Brady-New England
Joey Herrington--Detroit
Adam Vinatieri--New England
Martin Grammatica--Tampa Bay
Vinnie Testaverde--New York Jets

There are more, but I really have to go to work. It's
been fun. The Dolphins play the Bills tomorrow, so root
for my boys GO DOLPHINS

Until next time . . .

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