ton o galaxy
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2002-11-30 17:29:12 (UTC)

morning of holidays

tis the season to spend money fa lala la la la la la
when the world is really crummyy fa la la la la lala la

bomb the countries so below us...fa la lal la la la la
don't believe a word they've told us fa la la la lalalalla

it's this new orleans chicory coffeeee i'm having. i
really must apoplogizzzzeee. I felll like stevie wonder or
something. Singing out the whole falalalala parts. It's
true though, I watched the news and it was not about the
season or what it meant, but what it meant in terms of our
economy. I just wanted to slap the news caster for (a)
having horrible hair and make-up, (b) just doing her job as
a sheeple, I want a news caster to do something out of a
movie like

" America, you have been led to believe that as a country
we are still following something called the constitution,
but we are not ..we have become planetary dictators..."

fade to black

i don't know , something like that. Someone with power
really has to have some balls right now.

Coffee. Went to the house of Nan KINg last night with the
fam > nice but i'm sure I'm starting to piss off my Mom's
boyfriend. that's cool that's why he's my mom's boyfriend
and not mine. Um, er i think. overall I think their little
visit is going well i hope.?

ah well...