The Diary of Me
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2002-11-30 16:27:54 (UTC)


hey the reason i haven't wrote to you for two days is
because i ws babysitting on thursday and on fri i slept
there cuz my mum went out. i gtg and make my mum a bru
now. TTYl
Im back. My mum went out last night and now she's been
pukin up and having headaches and she's in bed all day.
i'm supposed to be going to guitar tonight but i don't
think i should go because mum is ill. i don't mind,
becauses it gives me more chance to practise everything he
give me
Well, i slept in chloe's bed lst night it was smll but
really comfy, i liked it in their. i don't like sleeping t
other peoples house when it's school the next day dunno
why. there puppy is well cute, it gets a bit grumpy though
and that is well nnoiyng. When everyone was in bed and
auntie paula was on the computer, i had it on my knee and
it fell sleep, dya know how babys fall asleep on their
backs, well like that it ws well cute. I babysat for a bit
on fri as well. i babysit every thursdays usually tho.
Aimee and Olivia hve been well annoying me today and
yesterday dominie and Katie and hannah were being rite
stupid cows. i cant be bothered to say why but i cud have
slit them open grrrrrrr they really really got me
stressed. I seem to be losing more and more friends each
day. well, i'm going to get my own back on dominie and
ktie and etc. i nicked her locker key and there's more to
come. At auntie paulas we all had a midngith feast, well i
hd mine on my own because i wanted to and the dog got angry
at me because it wanted some maltesers and it was barkin at
me so i giv it a crisp, but it still barked. we had
milo, it's well nice, it's from australia, chloe andf
family brought it back from uncle malcoms etc. I'm starvin
but theirs nowt to eat. aimee hs been annoying me can i
eat this cn ieat tht arrr tats not fair im doin what i want
et stupid cwell, nowt else i can be bothered to
write, im going to go and make the terrible twits sum tea.
there betta be sumet nice. i'm gonna bring the rabbit in
and the hamster aswell.

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