Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-11-30 15:51:30 (UTC)

goin swimmin

well here i am, goin to a swim meet soon, damn i always
hate goin to swim meets, t'slike tourtue. like all my
events are at the verrybegining of the meet and at the very
end so i gt stay wet and cold for like 3 houres. it's not
fun, esp becuase i cant really get anything to eat and i
cant really go anywhere, i jus gt sit there and wait to
swim. uch i hate bein wet and col and not to mention
sitting in a swim sui 2 sizes to small for me. the tighter
the suit, the faster you swim, as so "they say". i dont
wasnna swim today, i'm so tired and my tummy hurts, lol.but
of course i haaaave to, i have to swim in evory fuckig meet
threr is, and today i gt swim all this hard shit i really
did'nt wanna swim.uch dude i'm not inna good mood, and then
tonight i gtg to his party wiich normally id be happy bout
but ir eally wanted to go see a movie wt my bf Douggan. yea
well l8ter....

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