The Calamari Files
2002-11-30 10:27:01 (UTC)

Gobble gobble.

No, not the title of my autobiography, i am infact refering
to the Thanksgiving meal im going to later, should be a
classic. However, it has left me in a mire of indecision- i
mean, i used to be indecisive, but now i'm not too sure.

Beardage. I want to cut my hair and shave it a bit lower,
but i feel the beard must be reduced in synch. But how the
hell do i shorten it? it's madness i tell you, if i try and
use beard scissors it'll all go horribly wrong, and i dunno
if the hair shavers will work. Maybe razor my head and
leave the beard, but i'll be highly disturbing. And what
happens to the sideburn connection? So i wont do that. And
only a few hours to decide in maybe just leave it and go
for the studenty bohemian/rock look.

stuart (my friend of the previous evening) thinks i should
grow the hair on my chin especially and tail it a-la Samuel
Jackson in Jackie Brown. That would be impressive :)
Oh, and by `friend of the previous evening` i mean my close
friend of about nine years who was here last night. But the
way i wrote it, it sounded like something a prostitute
would write about her previous customer. And i'm not a
prostitute. Does that make sense to anyone?

Anywho, i'm off to glare into a mirror and try and decide
what to do about my damnable facial hair.
By the way, im feeling much better today, got a cold now
which is much preferable to the devil's throat. But my
eating capabilities should be on top form :-)

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