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2001-08-23 18:41:34 (UTC)

August 23rd....SENIOR???.....

Okay, when you think of a SENIOR...you think of someone who
is mature and very sophisticated. You think of that person
as older and an adult. WELL.... we really don't have too
many of those at Baldwin High School! I'm sorry to say this
and I might sound really snobby for talking about this, but
I could care less! Many qualify as SENIORS as far as
credits go, but 98% of those people don't act that way.
People are so immature and ignorant. It really irks my
nerves to death. Maybe it's just me....I do tend to get
sick of people, just in general, quickly.

Anyway, I think Antonio's girlfriend may know something.
Umm...oh well! She really can't get mad at me or be mad
about the situation because first of all...I haven't acted
on my thoughts of Antonio, and secondly....he kinda started
the whole thing. I would have never really paid attention
to him if it wouldn't have been for him throwing me hints.
I don't know...can't be worried about it. But anyway, I
guess I'm just kinda in a pissy mood today. I have to work
and that kind of sucks. :q But today was just a boring
day to sum it up. Still don't have my man yet, but patience
is a virtue! *J*