Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-11-30 06:46:44 (UTC)

Long talks in teh blue cavy...

Here I lie, drowing in a puddle of wasted tears
Wondering why youre not here
Why Im left alone to weep
For something I could never keep

Somethign that was never mine
Something sweet, and devine
Something meant to fly so free
And fly far away from me

Here I cry, here I weep
Here alone my thoughts I keep
Hidden deep within my heart
Where they should have been kept from the start

I will not regret what went on
I will learn from it and move on
My life will not cease to be
Nor will the lives of those around me

Yet still, I lie here and weep
Mournful, ironic tears of deciet
All this, I did to myself
Granted, I did have some help

One day it will all be okay
The sun will shine another day
Im not alone, though wasted tears I shed
I have true friends, and my heart will mend

Just wait and see what later today has to hold... *note
taht its 2 am right now...*

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