Soul Searcher
2001-08-23 17:38:04 (UTC)

Talkin' to Robyn!

Well, Someone replied to my entries named Robyn and we have
been chatting back and forth. It's weird that there really
are people out there going through the same things as you
are. It's even more weird when almost every little detail
is the same. I guess there are trillions of people in the
world though.

It is still nice to have someone know exactly where you are
coming from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
can't even get that from my supposively significant other

He has a job now thank gosh, because I am like so negative
paying my bills. He better give me some money as soon as
he gets it. It's not fair for me to work two jobs to pay
his bills. Right??? I can hardly spend any time with my
little boy.

Whatever, I am still crazy trying to figure out what step
to take next.

Until next time....................................