The days of my life
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2001-08-23 17:33:49 (UTC)

A really good day.

Ok, well yesterday was a great day. I took the few moments
I had before class and wrote Dave an e-mail. Yes we live
together but some things are just too hard to talk about
face to face. It basically delved into all of the things I
am thinking about and really should bring up to my
therapist. who knows. But, after he got home from work last
night we decided to go and get something to eat, eventhough
it was storming like mad. We ended up having to move a huge
branch from out of the center of the road so we could get
through. We then made it to one of the last existing Azar's
in the world I think and we sat there and just chatted. I
hate the fact that I we can talk so easily about nothing.
We know each other way too well. anyway, then we decided to
go to Wal-mart and Meijer to get some new and much needed
bookshelves for the apartment. It was a blast. I hate to
think that someday the two of us will no longer speak to
one another. I think that we really work together quite
well. We make a good team. I guess he just needs some time
to grow up. I don't know maybe I do too. If he were still
in the Navy I would be married to him right now. A Navy
wife... that scares me more than being married to Dave. I
am really shy and I can't imagine making new friends
constantly. ANyway, that will never happen, not with him
anyway. So, I am just waiting on a reply to my e-mail from
him. I hope that he sends one. I need answers to those
questions. Well, anyway,I am going to go for today. till