Fall 2002
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2002-11-30 05:02:34 (UTC)


Well i woke up at freaking 5:30 this morning to go to
work. i was supposed to get off at 4 but they needed me so
i stayed till 6 then when i left at 6 i go to my parents
house to eat with my family and 15 minutes into that work
calls..i thought somebody came back witha sale nope "We
need you come back in" i gave in and went back so i ended
up working 6:30a.m. to 9:45 p.m. ya i was definitely not
happy about that. especially after the assistant manager
hopped in front of me to get a customer that was coming to
me. he ended up getting 2 phones out of it. it sucks
cause it should've been my 60 dollars. that's the same guy
that made me come back in today too..why i do that stuff i
don't know. my boyfriend said he'd call me after he left
some bar tonight (his bestfriend won a free party with free
drafts from 8-10) he said he'd leave around 10..well it's
almost 11..i don't know what's up with him i think i'm
going to have to talk to him about it all. cause i'm tired
of this. all this past week i've seen him like twice and
it's cause of him..i try not to be some bitchy girlfriend
who wants him around 24/7..i've never bitched at him before
about it but i think it's time cause i'm personally sick of
this. i'd go hang out with my friends but i'm upset with
well...all of them right now. i guess i can't even
consider them my friends. it's not really anything i did i
think...they just got all new friends or boyfriends and
hang out with them 24/7 and don't even write or call. so i
gave up. it's not worth arguing over. i guess i put up
with a lot of stuff...maybe i'll stop and stand up and stop
taking all this crap right now. i doubt it'll happen but
i'll get over it. i'm gonna go to bed..i've gotta wake up
at 6:30 tomorrow to work at 7:30 if they tell me to
stay..i'll say screw you lol..yea right i know i'll
probably stay..i'm such a wuss..and hopefully by then i'll
talk to my boy and get this all straightened out and see
what's up. i dont' know what i'll do without him, i'll
survive but it'll make things a lot rougher.