Fall 2002
2002-11-30 04:55:05 (UTC)


Well i thought this would be a nerdy thing to do but it
would definitely clear my head.

September 2002. i've been living in an apartment with a
roommate for 2 months now. it's been pretty fun. school
started. classes i'm taking suck but they're prerequisites
for other courses i have to take for my final. My
roommates uncle is currently living with us. he's a cool
guy, awesome cook, and awesome artist. He draws a lot of
animal life stuff. i decided to pick it up and found that
i actually could draw. i've been working at sprint. it's
a job that i wanted since may and i finally started in late
july. it was going alright not selling quite what i'm
wanting but it happens, christmas will get better. Middle
of september on friday i waited for billy (my roommate's
uncle to come home from work to talk to him cause i was
bored and no one was home) he never showed, saturday never
showed, sunday never showed. monday comes around and i see
my roomie well, billy went to jail. he wasn't really
staying with us cause of a divorce. supposedly he'd be in
for 50 (that's what the prosecuting attorney was pushing
for) but it looks like he'll be out in a year. i don't
know how that works. i was really depressed for awhile.
my boyfriend was very comforting then. Oh and a couple
weeks before that this girl had started sleeping on the
couch down stairs.

October 2002 - i forgot to do a presentation for one of my
classes and that is going to kill my grade by ten percent
and i'm already having problems in that class. about
middle of october sprint "lays me off" it came as a shock
considering i felt i was doing a lot of work there trying
to sell phones. i was 2 paychecks from paying my mom back
($1200). it was nice having the free time but later on i'd
definitely regret it. ebin (my 9 month old dog) is being a
nuisance as usual, chewing up stuff. he chewed up the
phone sprint had just given me so i had to buy a new one
for the company. i'm not giving it back. i pay 150 for a
new phone and 2 weeks later i'm laid off...i think it's

November 2002 - i started working with a new company
selling phones for 2 different cell phone companies. they
keep screwing over my hours though. they try to get me to
skip school to go to meetings but i can't. i haven't had
enough time to pay attention to ebin so i had to give him
back to the shelter..luckily i know he won't be put to
sleep (they don't do that there) i checkt heir website
today to see if his picture's up and to see if he's found a
home. he's not up there yet it's been like 2 weeks. my
managers at work are stealing sales from me i suspect. so
are other people there. people keep quitting or getting
fired so we're so understaffed they're trying to work my
ass off but they don't realize that i have school,
practice, and volunteering to attend to. oh yea since i
had to give up ebin i started volunteering at a local pet
shelter. it's a lot of fun..kind of helps me with not
having ebin around but it's still not the same. ebin was
definitely my little buddy from may till when i gave him
up. i took the best care of that dog as i could. i cried
for hours when i gave him up. i still miss him even though
he was a little shit head. i don't know what's wrong with
my boyfriend we don't hang out like we used to..even though
we call eachother up everyday or more we don't seem to talk
about anything. i'm scared..i know i love him but i'm not
sure what's going on.