Broken Lyrics
2002-11-30 03:25:50 (UTC)

Everything doesn't have to turn out perfect

I hope that I have finally realized that not everything is
going to be perfect.
This is after I expressed all of my feelings of anger and
betrayal to my man. He said something that kind of hit
me. "It is just a tv show it doesn't have anything to do
with trust," at first that hit me in a bad way, because I
was upset about him watching porno everytime I left the
house as if he was waiting on me to leave. But, as I was
watching "sex and the city" I was thinking does it really
Nothing is ever going to be perfect.I don't want to ruin
this relationship. It is not because it is my last chance
at a good relationship, because it is okay to be single at
my age. There are still plenty of guys out there. (many who
go to the same college as me)
to be continued the dogs are going crazy