my thoughts that no one knows
2002-11-30 01:44:30 (UTC)

thanksgiving day

i am thankful for my family: without them, i wouldnt be
alive, i would starve. they provide entertainment. even
though sometimes they can be embarassing, they are funny.

i am thankful for my friends: if i ahd no friends, i would
be a loner. no one to share secrets with. no one to go to
the mall with, or see movies. no one to share clothes
with. mostly, K. K is the bestf riend a friend could
have. she knows more about me than anyone else.

i am thankful for the food in our house: i alwasy
complaina dn say "theres nothing to eat" but really, if i
was seriosuly starving to death, then i would eat
anything. even the healthy crap.

i am thankful that we have money in the bank: we arent
exactly rich, but we arent exactly poor. w e have to go
without a few things that other families will have, but i
survive. i dont think i will die from no dish satelite.

i am thankful for my home: i am glad i have a roof over
my head and no a cardboard box. i dont know what it is
like to live in the streets, so i am thankful that i dont.

i am thankful for my kitten: i guess thast what 5 years of
begging and pleading brings you. a totally adorable cute
and cuddely kitten. she was the runt, so she is still
small for ehr age. but she is so beutiful.

i am thankful for the lord: he has brought me all the good
things, not to mention the bad things. he has kept me
alive, he ahs kept me well. thank you for everythign dear

i am thankful that i didnt have homework over thanksgiving
weekend: all 6 classes, and i didnt have homework in any of
them. wow. thast a first. usually every night i ahve
homework in at least three of them.

i am thatful for my comfy bed at night: i wake up every
morngin not wanting to get out of bed. i never want to
leave my amazing bed. without my bed, i dont know what i
would do.

i am thankful for mrs. M, she is the best english teacher
ever. it takes me a while to trust a teacher, and i trust
her. i made a mistake trustign mr P, he doesnt even like
me, and mrs M does. i trust her now, and i dont trust any
other teachers. thank you

i am thankful that i have people who care about me: it
makes me sad to think that there are children who are just
left alone, deserted. i feel so horrible. why did i ahev
a good life, and they were brought up to sell drugs to make
money? why not me? i feel abd about things like this, but
i cant really change that.

i am thankful for my life. without my spirit, i am a
nothing. just some skin walkign around. no feelign, no
emotion, no anything. i am glad that i am happy. some
people are annoyed with me because i am sometimes too loud,
but they dont thibnk of it like it do: its just a way of
expressing myself. theres nothing wrong with me realeasing
some engery. if someone ahs a problem with that, they
shouldnt be my friend, sinse they dont understand me.

~*Girl X*~