My Mind
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2001-08-23 14:27:15 (UTC)

lost minds

i read some entrys from another diary and i realized in a
lot of ways im exactly like him i have such thoughts and i
do such things but im not like him i get the hard end of
the ball. i want things to be different and they wont be
cause who am i to change them. i talk medial shit i am
polite and i smile a lot. im a fake. so many times id
love to look at someone whos just being a dumbass and say
fuck you you know shit about anything. but why dont i
cause im afraid or i dont want to deal with the outcome.
who am i really where do i have a right to do or say
anything. why am i here to do anything. this makes no
sense to me or anyone else. nothing really matters cause
you just lose it and die anyway right. well i think there
is a different way to go about things and one day i will
figure them out the one way that i really want to. --end--