bella by day, nova by night
2001-08-23 14:24:11 (UTC)

puffy eyes

What else is new...I went to sleep late and woke up early.
I've been doing this everyday now and I'm exhausted. At
least I'm not working right now. This has been a good
summer break from agreed to pay me to do
odd jobs around the farm she bought last year so I didn't
have to go around looking for a job. I took an organic
chem class in late july/early august and got 76% in it
which was kinda disappointing b/c I got 90% on my midterm.
School starts up again soon, in about 2 weeks. It'll be
cool having my younger brother going to Univ. with me.
He'll actually probably graduate before me. I didn't get
into Pharmacy this year; hopefully I will next year.
I feel anxious and uneasy. And I'm not sure why I feel
this way. It could be any number of things: the fact that
I weigh 246lbs, moving into the house we just bought,
school starting, me not being able to find what I really
want to do with my life, the fact that even though I've
been in this city for a year I have no friends, my older
brother's depression, and/or the fact that I so much love
Matthew and he acts like I'm nothing. I don't know but I
don't want to talk about it right now. I just want to start
this diary. I need someone to talk to; someone who will
listen to me.