Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-11-30 00:10:34 (UTC)

Return to Besaid

Back home after 3 weeks of being at the University, very
glad too. Being home is boring as well but at least its
home. And the things I get online are sent here. Which
this time included the Original Soundtrack to Final
Fantasy X and a pressurised gas cylinder for the Marui
brand of air gun. Which oh so UNcoincidently is what brand
my Samurai Edge (which for you non-Resident Evil fans out
there is a specialised Berreta M92F) air gun is. And damn
is it more powerful than I expected. The air guns I've
previously seen have been pretty weak in comparison. But
then again, I'd expect no less from the Tokyo Marui Co.,
Ltd. Problem is though, I was planning on shooting
everyone I know with it for revenge against them but now I
can't because I'd end up seriously injuring them instead
of just injuring them. No fair really. I'll just have to
take my anger out on some rabbits. God for nothing
moochers, at least the ducks are funny to watch, rabbits
are so Teletubby land. Kill kill KILL

I'm bored, time to start the Philosophy Critical Review

Till next time space kittens