Welcome to own demise
2002-11-29 23:43:07 (UTC)

i've been down, so long that the end must be drawin near

she was right.
it doesnt matter where i live, its not where i live, it's
ill never be happy.
gabi is such a brat. "what kind of music are you listening
to? its shitty, you're such a jerk, you're so mean, what
the hell is wrong with u? u better turn your shit music off
or ill turn the tv up really loud and then youll get in
imso fucking glad i agreed to visit. reminds me why the
fuck i left here.
i cant wait til i move out on my own. i do not want to live
with my father either.
hes right, i did move out there for me not him. but im
still not happy, i wont be happy til he backs the fuck off.
ahhh.. i woke up and felt like shit. i didnt even want to
wakeup but i had to, between gabi playing a video game and
my mom downloading and playing all sorts of nonesense, i
couldnt sleep if i wanted to. BLAH. i emailed that dude
bout the rolls. he better fucking pull through. wonder if
he could get me some blow. oh thatd be sooo awesome. yay.
kathryn wants me to try to score some to bring home.... im
going to try, i hope she doesnt get upset wiht me if i
cant. i wish i knew what was goin on with her.. i dunno, i
wish i knew why all my old friends in the city all of a
sudden dont like me anymore.. i didnt do anything. i mean
i do live in the burbs, but i dunno.... i wish shed lighten
up a little bit, she seems different, like she never talks
to me, and when she does its to ask me if i can score some
blow. i dont think she means to be that way, but it kind of
hurts my feelings... eh well.. nothing is perminent....
including sanity.