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2002-11-29 23:25:51 (UTC)

happy (for a change)

hello cruel world. lol.i'm soo hyper tonight.. don't ask
why.. i just am.. lol yea i'm a dork.. la la la la la la.
i played the sims today and my cpu didn't frezze like
normal i went shopping this morn and got a bunch of my own
x-mas presents i got like 7 cds lol and a game and some
shit at michles whoz lol i'm so hyper i rped with mike
not to long ago god damn he got me hot he he
he ::blush:: "[email protected]" told me how she feels
about me.. i'm kinda happy. now i'm copying mike he he he
he he he he he. my sister came down today :) . i miss my
kittys. i ate to much so my tummy hurts. i'm lisening to
nin. :) yay i'm gonna go have a nice day everyone bye

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