Little Miss Sunshine
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2001-08-23 13:49:24 (UTC)

What a Day!!!

Hi... this is my first entry, but not my first online
diary. I dont want anyone to really see what I'm writing
coz it will most probably affend them!!

Well... what a day I've had!! I went out of the house this
morningwth noqualifications, come back with 2A*, 4B's, 4C's
and 1F...all at GCSE level. the 'f' was for RE so I'm not
really counting it! lol!

I'm really surprised at how well i did...considering the
year I've had. I will never know how i didnt have a
nerveous break down with all the shit that was going on!!

But I'm over it (nearly) and am mving on swiftly... change
of b/f... change in me...and qualifications. i can now do
all the stuff I want like 6th form... travel and tourisim
the lot. If you had have asked me 6 months ago 'how well
do you think you will do in your GCSE's, and will you go
abroad' I would've probably broke down in tears and said
not very well seeing as I'm due to have an abortion in a
few days!!

but I'm glad I've got what I have... 11 gcses's and a b/f
who I love to pieces. Yep Alan.. he is so kind and
thoughful and gets on with my family and doesnt cause shit
like the last ex of mine. what more could i ask for

well betta go and get ready for a good old piss up with me