Mr X

secrets of a sex mad teenager
2001-08-23 12:53:31 (UTC)

My Mother is gone

Today my mother left to her new house now that we had
that chat I kinda feel sad and I miss her. My Dad doesn't
he started to erase every memory of Mum in the house
pretending she doesn't exist. I have given up trying to
talk to him about her. At this moment he is at a DIY shop
getting paint he plans to decorate the whole house to erase
even more of Mum's life. I can't blame him really I think
he was really hurt by my Mum He proberley would have
prefered it Mum was honest from the begining.
I've spent most of the day at record stores buying
Destinys child old album and Mya's then I spent the rest of
the day on this computer .